Please help these animals. They sufer, they get killed, and they almost all of them are dying. These poor animals are getting killed just for their skin. they use their skin for clothing, funiture, and ept. We need to stop this and help these animals to live so they could be living in the future. So if you want to help just don't ithsdfsdafafaffdfgbuy ank more skin products. So if you don't buy skin products they'll go out of bussiness ithin they uglyand leave the animals alone. So please support and help. Remember One makes a diffrants.
Would you hurt these ppor baby animals? They mostly get killed cause of their fur. Their fur is so soft people thought that this would make them rich. But they're only little babys. They don't know what to do. They cry for their mom and dad but they already got killed. Then they get skined and their fur get use for clothing. So please help these animals.
Look at these animals now before they're gone. What would happen if these animals are you. Just think before you kill an animal.